Strawberry harvester AGROBOT E-SERIES

The first pre-commercial robotic harvesters for gently harvest strawberries.

From an adaptable mobile platform, robotic manipulators work together to pick just the fruit that meet farmer’s quality standard.


An insect vacuum robot that performs way more efficient, accurate and cost-effective than any other comparable solution.

Navigating autonomously all around, Bug Vacuum saves money to invest in more productive operations. Time for farmers to make the difference.

Versatile farming assistant OZ

The farming assistant for time-consuming and arduous tasks

Oz works completely autonomously thanks to its RTK GPS guidance system. Free up time for other tasks!

Oz reduces the risk of loss of production and therefore helps to secure operating income.
1:10 min.

High-precision weeding robot ORIO

Designed for row crops and beds of vegetables, arable crops, large growers and contractors, this robot offers the possibility to add options for greater autonomy and precision.

Works on lettuce, onions, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, leeks, cauliflower, various herbs (garlic, cilandro, mint, etc) … and much more!
2:13 min.

Vineyards weeding robot TED

The first robot dedicated to vineyards, an alternative to the use of herbicides that respects your soils and improves your working conditions.
With a 8 hours per day autonomy, you can easily schedule your weeding interventions when they suit you best.

Effective and precise mechanical weeding, without herbicides, which respects your soil and crops.
1:51 min.

Field robot FarmDroid FD20

FarmDroid is the creator of a remarkable invention for agriculture; an automatic light weight field robot that automates sowing and weed removal on farmland. This means that the soil is cultivated in an ecological and CO2 neutral way and without risk of doing structural damage to the soil because of heavy equipment.

Vineyards robots VitiBot BAKUS

VitiBot designs and produces electric vineyards robots that are revolutionizing the work in the vineyard.
It helps winegrowers to face the delicate economic, environmental and social issues to be reconciled.
3:03 min.

Tomato picking robot MetoMotion GRoW

GRoW solves the most acute problem growers face today, The labor crisis. The labor crisis limits growth and sometimes even causes direct financial losses due to harvesting delays.
For the first time in agricultural robotics, MetoMotion introduces a fully autonomous system that is able to identify ripe fruit, pick and pack directly into a box allowing growers to focus on their crops.

Future GRoW functionalities will include pruning, de-leafing, and harvesting other crops such as cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and cannabis.